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my selfhosted achievements so far:

[X] nextcloud+onlyoffice
[X] mastodon
[X] pixelfed
[X] peertube
[X] tiddlywiki+couchdb
[X] pihole
[X] openvpn
[X] wordpress
[ ] email server ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) - eehhmm not so sure about this one...

install peertube... it's easy they said, easy

yeah right

extremely happy that I managed to install a full pixelfed server glitch-free!

@pixelfed thank you for the amazing project. quick question, my instance only supports images. I added the MEDIA_TYPES=video/mp4 to the .env and now I can only upload videos... help please. thnx

YEAY! managed to setup my own pixelfed server! thank you @pixelfed team for the amazing project.

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Thank you @kde for all your work on KDE & Plasma. Thank you @mozilla for Firefox. Thank you to all the kernel hackers for their restless work on the Linux kernel. Thank you to everyone involved working on the GNU tools! Thank you to all the devs working on libraries and the backend, who clearly get to little love!


very frustrated that I tried installing pixelfed and couldn't upgrade my mariadb server on my debian arm64 server. suggestions are welcome.😞

I don't want to update my blog!!!! feeling too lazy for that today.

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mainly tech stuff, generalist also at times