is not working for me. too slow and lags too much also. @peertube any tips?

@adelorenzo @peertube

PeerTube is not a website, but a software.
There's more than 450 known PeerTube websites (stats on )
So maybe you could use another instance ? )

@pyg @peertube I have my own instance and was wondering how I can fine-tune it.

@adelorenzo what machine are you running it with? Are you using the Nginx configuration file provided in the repository, as per the production install guide?

hey @rigelk thank you for asking. it's running on a a 4 core, 10GB RAM, 700GB HD, unlimited traffic VPS at contabo. I used the official instructions to install, nginx, postgre, redis, tcp optimization, https, etc...

@adelorenzo @rigelk I can't reproduce, it's not slow for me. Can you be more specific when you say it lags?

@chocobozzz @adelorenzo @rigelk Yea, all the locally hosted videos seem to be working fine for me too.

@rigelk @stargoose @Chocobozzz thank you guys. it's probably an issue on my end then. my server is in Germany and I live in Costa Rica. I suspect my ISP could be throttling the torrent protocol. does that make sense?

@adelorenzo I don't think your ISP even considers WebTorrent. More likely, this is a peering agreement gone wrong beetween two AS.
@stargoose @Chocobozzz

@rigelk @stargoose @Chocobozzz sorry for ignorance. what would that be? could you please point me to a site or doc that could explain that in more detail? I've tested my instance via Wifi, different browsers, 3/4G, cellphone, etc...

@adelorenzo Again, this is a wild guess on my part, and the distance to your server could just as easily be a likely cause.

About peering agreements, a 4-page article that I found interesting:

thank you so much! @rigelk
here I go throw myself into reading and learning. you guys Rock!!

@rigelk @stargoose @Chocobozzz final question... any tips on the best mp4 encoding for peertube?

@adelorenzo PeerTube does that for you automatically (when enabled and its should stay enabled for maximum browser compatibility), so don't worry about it :)

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